As all UAE citizens and residents have been urged not to leave their houses amidst the coronavirus outbreak, it makes the idea of heading down to the supermarket for your weekly grocery shop all that more difficult.

However, that’s where we’re lucky in the 21st century – having the use of the internet and mobile phone apps.

In order to prevent the spreading of coronavirus, it’s been recommended to stay home unless you have to. Going to get food is permitted, but you don’t actually need to leave the house as there’s plenty of grocers and supermarkets that delivery.

In fact, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has posted a useful list of apps for the UAE public to download so you can stay at home.

The apps include Carrefour and Instashop for groceries as well as Noon and Amazon. For vegetables and fruit the TRA’s recommendations includes Kibsons and Farmbox, and for meat they recommend Martin’s Meats or Springbok.


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#StayHome & shop Check the list of shopping Apps in UAE

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The recommendations were made in line with the government’s #StayHome plea, which has been trending worldwide.

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A couple of days ago the same important message was sent to the people of Dubai via the Burj Khalifa.

The world’s tallest building lit up with the hashtag that’s gone viral globally — #STAYHOME.

The message is simple: if you stay home, the less the virus will spread.

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