The timing couldn’t have been any better. Just as the world is going tech crazy, thanks in part to GITEX and also the fact that it’s Back To The Future Day – October 21, 2015 is the day in the Marty McFly travels to in the movie – Apple has decided to launch the Apple Watch in Dubai!

That’s right, from tomorrow (October 22) the Apple Watch launches in Dubai and will be available in all Apple product concession stores.

There has been much hype around its launch in the region, with many placing pre-orders ever since the device was officially introduced into only 19 countries back in July this year.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, Apple has also announced that it will be opening its first stores in the UAE – Mall of the Emirates and Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi – on October 29 and the watch, of course, will be available there too.

Apple store to open in Mall of The Emirates

Sneak peek at the Apple store to open in Mall of The Emirates

“Apple is truly saying ‘Hello’ to the UAE,” said one spokesperson and we couldn’t agree more.

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All three varieties of the watch (Sport, Regular and Edition) will be available. Not sure, what’s the difference? Let us explain. First thing’s first. Choose your watch face, which comes in two sizes: 38mm or 42mm. Then choose the finishing lines. There’s the anodized aluminum case of the Sport, stainless steel in the Regular Apple Watch line or the 18-carat gold version from the Edition line (the latter, no surprise, is expected to be a huge hit in the UAE). The Sport watch is the lightest allowing you to move about in your sporting activity with more ease.

No matter what watch lien you choose, the genius of the Apple Watch is its detachable straps, which allow you to customise your style. For example you can go for a run with your sport band band then switch to a mesh Milanese loop band for a more sophisticated look and then opt for a leather strap to match your evening gown.

Each band choice comes in an array of different colours. Check out our gallery to see the different types of bands and their prices. Even the actual watch face can be changed with 10 faces to chose from.

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Aside from being essentially a mini iPhone on your wrist – notifying you when emails come through, updating you on your calendar events and even offering the opportunity for you to answer your phone from the watch – the other unique aspect is the fact that it encourages a healthy lifestyle.

“I noticed, since having the watch that I am more active,” said one spokesperson. The reason being that there is an activity app linked to your watch that tracks your heart beat, your steps, calories burned and even reminds you to stand-up and stretch you legs when you’ve been sitting down too long. When you succeed in hitting healthy  targets you are rewarded with a mini virtual medals, all part of the process of encouraging people to be more active and healthy.

Emirates Woman will be putting the Apple Watch through its paces so be sure to stayed tuned for our fun review. Until then checkout our gallery for more information on the watch.

The Apple Watch goes on sale tomorrow and prices start from Dhs1,1339 for the Sport, Dhs2,199 for the Regular, and Dhs37,000 for the 18-carat Edition.