While the Apple Watch Hermès collection launched in October 2015, it has finally landed in Dubai at the flagship Apple store in Mall of Emirates.

Not only is the designer collaboration collection now available here, but it will also be available in the new spring colours.

apple watch hermes

Apple Watch Hermès collection is now available in Dubai


Existing colours of bands, including Fauve, Noir, Capucine and Etain will also  be sold, for the first time, separately and will be joined by a whole new collection of Single Tour and Double Tour bands, which will be offered in Hermès colours including Bleu Paon (Green), Bleu Saphir, Blanc (White) and the iconic Hermes colour, Feu (Orange).

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Apple’s collaboration with luxury French brand Hermès, is one of the ultimate power pairings in the industry.

When Apple launched its watch to great fanfare earlier last year, the fashion sphere was torn. Apple had gone to great pains (and even greater budgets) to push its newest creation through the crème de la crème of the style world, getting legendary photographer David Sims to shoot the campaign, hosting a huge event during New York Fashion Week, taking out pages and pages of ad space in Vogue (Chinese Vogue even put it on their November cover), and targeting tastemakers such as Karl Lagerfeld and Beyoncé, who each got sent a solid gold version before it went on sale.

It’s safe to say that Apple’s tenacity, contacts and, yes, deep pockets, enabled them to give the notoriously-tricky fashion world a good bash at cracking.

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Did it work? Perhaps not as well as they’d hoped. That’s not to say that the design, functionality and fundamental concept was not all top notch (who wouldn’t want to send a heartbeat to a mate via your wrist?). Indeed, the foundation of Apple is built on impeccable design – a tenet very much shared with the fashion industry. But there was something about the watch that was just a little too… techy. The straps were too sporty, the face too square… a combination which, when it came to the crunch, just wasn’t doing it for us. A huge shame, in fact, when you think how much, as a demographic, we fashion folk are glued to our iPhones, getting Insta-separation anxiety if we fall out of wifi. Apple Hermes watch

A coup to rival them all, then? Pair up with one of the most revered luxury fashion brands on the planet, Hermès, whose watches are unparalleled when it comes to craftsmanship, covetable status and perennial elegance. Each titans of their respective industries, it’s a marriage made in heaven, taking Hermès’ classic leather-strap designs – the Single Tour, Double Tour and Cuff – and merging them with Apple’s second-to-none technology.

It’s not the first time Hermès has teamed up with a technology company, collaborating with Leica in 2012 on a US$50,000 limited edition camera which was nothing short of beautiful.

And that’s exactly what the Parisian brand has managed to do to the Apple watch. Previously slick, cool, even sexy if you’re that way inclined, the timepiece is now a real thing of beauty – for both fashionistas and tech geeks alike.

Prices start from Dhs4,400.

The stylish Apple Watch Hermès

The stylish Apple Watch Hermès