In its ongoing journey to support talent from all over the world, Apple is continuing to do so as it launches a new initiative from Apple Music.

Apple Music has launched the ‘New artists: Middle East’ playlist featuring new artists from the region, showcasing diverse musical backgrounds, genres and styles from across the Middle East.

One of these artists, Lebanese singer/songwriter Bea Kadri who’s song Right for Ya appears on the playlist praised the new initiative being both an artist and a listener.

“I discover a lot of new artists and listen to my favourites on Apple Music, so I can only hope that by exposing my music to new listeners on the platform, it speaks to them in a special type of way and sets the mood for certain moments of their days,” she says. “It’s a unique bond that your platform facilitates between artist and listener.”

Kadri also noted how artists in this region are “breaking boundaries”.

“There’s definitely been major shifts happening in the music scene in the Middle East,” she added. “There are more artists breaking boundaries in the region, experimenting with their sounds and releasing fearlessly and confidently.”

To listen to the playlist, visit the link here.

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Images: Supplied, Instagram