With advancing technology, there’s more and more added features to any gadgets you own.

Tech giant Apple is well-known for this, continuously adding new hidden shortcuts and features to iPhones and the latest one has just gone viral on social media.

While we all know the front of the iPhone is where the action happens – it’s where everything is controlled, of course. But did you know that the simple apple logo design at the back of the iPhone is actually also a control button?

In a video which has now gone viral – and left many gobsmacked – Instagram user Tenille Serpa shared that once you activate the control settings the Apple logo on the back can take screenshots, activate Siri and more which a double or triple tap.

It’s simple to activate. Firstly, you need to go to your settings, then scroll down to the accessibility tab.

Under this tab, you’ll find a ‘touch’ option which you need to click, then scroll down and click on ‘back tap’ and then select the ‘double tap’ option.

Watch the video below for more insight.

There are an array of functions, this trick can be used for app switching, control centre, home, lock screen, mute, notification centre, reachability, screenshot, shake(undo), Siri, spotlight, volume down and volume up.

In the comments section of the video, the hack has been labelled “game-changing” and “mind-blowing”.

However, just keep in mind how you hold your phone if you turn the settings on, it could take a while to get used to!

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Feature image: Unsplash @lastly