Rich Tea biscuits, Daz washing powder and Frosties cereal; it sounds like the makings of a great supermarket shopping list but it is, in fact, the designs of the Anya Hindmarch autumn/winter 2014 collection.

Renowned for her chic totes, Anya Hindmarch decided to offer a unique twist to her most recent designs turning to ordinary lifestyle objects and making them functional. From the crisp packet shoulder bag, Ariel washing powder clutch, to the Swan matches tote, forget supermarket sweep, this range is all about supermarket chic. 

“This collection began with the idea of finding the beauty in the banal,” said Anya. “The vivid ‘pop’ graphics of a washing powder box or the guilty pleasure of the humble chocolate digestive. I wanted to treat the everyday ordinary in an extraordinary way; a cereal box in python and household brands celebrated with incredible intarsia leatherwork inlaid and seamlessly joined. Impeccable materials and craftsmanship applied to FMCG!”

The autumn/winter 2014  Counter Culture collection was centred on the juxtaposition of humour found in everyday items with luxury – two imperative traits of the brand. This season the story of each bag has evolved into refined versions of themselves in a varied colour-smudged palette of olive, cobalt and burgundy aligned with paler counter-colours of chalk, yellow and white. The textures, as well as colours, are amalgamated against each other to create bags with surprise details and functional originality.

Imperial Cereal and Biscuit clutches, made from printed python, demonstrate the season core feature of humorous luxury. Artisan pieces transfigured from household consumer goods. The Bourbon and Custard Cream, quintessential British biscuits have, with the help of a 3D scan been reworked in brass as clutch, lined in suede and finished by hand. The Bourbon is varnished to receive its bronze hue, while the Custard Cream is galvanised with gold.

Following its debut on the runway for spring/summer 2014, and originating from a 3D scan, the Crisp Packet clutch returns in green, silver, gold and blue.

The Smiley Face also returns to feature on several signature pieces including the Georgiana Clutch, the Pont Tote, the Deconstructed Bathurst and of course, tassels.

The new collection is “about celebrating the small thing and seizing the moment to get happy.”

Shop Anya Hindmarch’s Frostie Imperial Clutch and Maxi Featherweight Ebury now at Saks Fifth Avenue Dubai