If you haven’t already headed down to Galeries Lafayette to visit the Anthropology Of Design (AOD) pop-up shop, then now is the perfect time. 

Located on the first floor, the shop has curated an exciting collection of clothing and jewellery, fitting in with this season’s theme of Architecture Within Fashion. Focusing on the cities of London, Copenhagen and Beirut, the space is made to look like a mini-gallery where you can explore the range of designers and the metropolis they are from.

For those not in the loop AOD is an independent project based in Dubai, aiming to present design through new perspectives. By exploring designers and the cities they come from, AOD tries to understand the influence of local, contemporary and heritage culture within their work. This therefore creates a platform that allows AOD to represent an aesthetic within the context of the city they are exploring.

Every six months AOD will start a new season where they choose three different cities to explore. Travelling and meeting designers and observing them in their environment allows AOD to take a closer look at their life, culture and work. Therefore allowing AOD to share the designer’s story in an organic and authentic way.

EW’s Top Designers To Watch Out For

Bashar 1.Ankle-length-white-crepe-V‐neck-dress-with-printed-back-with-slit2

Georgia Hardinge 1.Miro-Print-Shirt 

Veronica B 1.Caramel-Silk-Shirt-Print

Imogen Belfield 1.Smooth-and-Textured-Rocks-Ring

Poupee Couture 1.Yellow-Pony-Hair-Clutch

Anthropology Of Design pop-up shop is located on the first floor of Galeries Lafayette, The Dubai Mall until May 27