Anthony Vaccarello’s Fall 2024 menswear presentation paid homage to the iconic legacy of Yves Saint Laurent, while ushering in a new era of masculine elegance.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless allure of the 1980s power suit, Vaccarello’s latest creations embody a sense of refined masculinity that transcends generations.

The classic double-breasted silhouette serves as a canvas for his artistic vision, seamlessly blending heritage tailoring with contemporary sensibility. Yet, as the show unfolds, the rigid formality of traditional suiting gives way to a fluidity of movement, symbolizing a shift towards a more liberated expression of self.

At the heart of Vaccarello’s design philosophy lies a profound appreciation for the legacy of Yves Saint Laurent, the visionary pioneer who redefined the boundaries of men’s fashion. From the iconic Le Smoking tuxedo to the revolutionary concept of “flou,” Saint Laurent’s influence permeates every stitch and seam of Vaccarello’s collection. By infusing traditional suiting with delicate, feminine fabrics such as crepe georgette and satin, Vaccarello pays homage to Saint Laurent’s mastery of contrast and contradiction.

Vaccarello’s collection remains firmly rooted in the present moment, reflecting the ever-evolving landscape of modern masculinity. By blurring the boundaries between men’s and women’s fashion, he challenges conventional notions of gender and identity, inviting individuals to embrace their own unique sense of style and self-expression.

Take a look at all our favourite looks from the menswear showcase:

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