For the first time ever, the face of Chanel No.5 opens the door to her house…

Anyone who has seen the incredible ad campaigns will know that the current face of Chanel No5 is gorgeous Brazilian model Gisele.

In a world exclusive, the usually private Gisele Bundchen invites us into her house on the East Coast of the United States and opens up her heart revealing all about her childhood, memories and her love of nature.

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Emotional, candid and insightful, the mother-of-two, who announced her retirement from the runway in March, strips back the usual glitz and glamour that you would expect from a supermodel and reveals a softer and honest side to her personality.

an intimate conversation with Gisele bundchen chanel

The intimate conversation with Gisele Bundchen has been released in two short but captivating videos (watch them both below).

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Here’s a snippet of what we learned from the model-turned-actress.

She’s a nature lover

“I feel very connected to the earth ever since I was a girl because I grew up in a little village in the south of Brazil. I was always in bare feet and my grandparents from my mum’s side were farmers.”

Nature makes her feel at peace

“I’m happiest when I’m anywhere in the middle of the nature, it could be an ocean or a mountain, anywhere . As long as I’m in nature I feel like I’m in my element.”

an intimate conversation with Gisele bundchen chanel

She’s obsessed with the smell of nature

“After the rain, and the smell of the earth that is my favourite smell. Everything just smells so alive… it brings a peace.”

She believes it’s important to take a moment for yourself

“There are things that are very supportive for me like mediation and yoga. They have been unbelievable tools. I find peace with them.”

She believes true happiness comes from within

“You have to know who you are and have to connect with that place within yourself that knows who you are, knows your essence.”

an intimate conversation with Gisele bundchen chanel

She believe scent is a power 

“A smell is a powerful thing. Smell has the power to evoke memories. You can have a memory of 20 years ago from a smell.”

She believe’s in a mother’s special connection

“I remember my mum’s perfume. I hope that my kids remember my perfume. Maybe a mum’s scent is not something you can forget.”