With Farfetch being a global destination for all your luxury shopping, the e-commerce platform’s latest campaign entitled ‘The Perfect Match’ showcases how it celebrates the power of technology to connect people through their love for fashion.

While giving people around the world access to their most-loved brands with just a click of a button, as individuality and passions are beautifully represented through this platform.

Emirates Woman spoke to the Lebanese filmmaker Pam Nasr on her input on the world of fashion, along with how her shopping habits have evolved especially amid the pandemic.

As a film director and creative what has led you to this point in your career?

Consistently leading with my intuition and only creating work that is true to me.

How do you capture a sense of realistic surrealism through your films?

I find that reality in itself is the most surreal, and my work is a reflection of that.

How did you closely resonate with FARFETCH’s latest campaign ‘The Perfect Match’?

I loved that it linked artists to boutiques across the seas, giving a sense of teleportation — which is exactly how I feel when I shop online.

Farfetch Pam Nasr

How have your shopping habits evolved amid the pandemic?

Right before the pandemic hit, I was revamping my apartment and was doing more furniture and homeware shopping. This definitely escalated during the pandemic and I found myself being less interested in shopping for my body and more for my home. Nowadays, it’s slowly shifting to a balance between the two.

In your opinion, has technology changed the way we buy clothes in recent times?

Absolutely. I’ve noticed more and more brands taking advantage of technology by experimenting with creating non-toxic fabric to reduce harm on our world, that’s really inspiring to me. On the other hand, fast fashion accelerated by social media is a combo resulting in a cloning culture with less individualism — and a whole lot of pollution. We can’t always fully get away from fast fashion, but I try my best to limit my own personal consumption.

With Middle Eastern roots, how does this influence your work as a creative?

My roots influence my work in every possible way. I have an abundance of inspiration and experiences to draw from which pours into my work quite naturally. I think of my cultural viewpoint as a basis of connection with my audience.

How has your approach to daily dressing evolved over the years?

I think I’ve finally landed into my comfort zone with my approach to dressing over the past few years. Finding clothes that represent how you feel inside takes time but feels amazing when you get there. I’ve focused on sustainability and timelessness in my own way: Is this item something I can keep wearing for as long as possible?

How do you feel FARFETCH reaches a global audience through its platform?

It creates a dialogue with its customer base, it feels approachable no matter where you are.

What are some of your favourite fashion labels that retail on FARFETCH?

Dora Teymur, Coperni, Maximilian and the Pre-Owned section.

How would you describe your overall style?


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Feature image: Supplied, Photography by Andy Madeleine