August 28, 2022 marks the seventh annual Emirati Women’s Day to applaud women across different professional career paths.

One such arena in which Emirati women are shattering stereotypes is the music industry. Defying the conventional walls of music, the Emirati singer and rapper, Almas is creating tracks to inspire women with similar interests.

After accomplishing numerous achievements at such a young age such as performing at Expo 2020 at 21 years old, she became the ambassador of Spotify’s Equal Arabia programme this month. This global music forum aims to amplify the work of women creators and encourage fans to discover them from any part of the world.

To celebrate this success, she was even published on a billboard in the heart of New York’s Times Square with her track reaching the global playlist.

“I would like to see more women in the rap scene and I am willing to support them as well,” she tells Emirates Woman. “We are queens and we deserve it.”

By contributing to the UAE’s burgeoning hip-hop movement, Almas has been showcasing her creativity in the music industry through tracks that are receiving international recognition.

With a passion for music since a young age, Emirates Woman spoke to Almas to understand what drives her and inspired her to enter the industry.

What inspired you to become a singer?

I was inspired by my love for music. I have loved music and singing since I was a child and have always had a passion for performing.

You started your career at the age of 15. How has the industry evolved since then?

I have been evolving my music style since I started writing my own music in 2020. I believe that we should not tie ourselves to one thing, we should continue exploring and elevating ourselves.

You performed at Expo 2020 Dubai at just 21 years old. How did that feel?

It was an indescribable feeling. I was nervous but proud of myself at the same time for being able to get to the Expo 2020 stage and sing in front of musical legends such as Hussein AlJasmi, Ahlam and Mohamed Abdo.

Spotify is always championing young women to pursue their dreams. How has this played a key role in finding a space in the music world in your career?

Spotify helped me find myself surrounded by the right people who are always working on themselves. I felt connected to the right network of women creators when I first joined their initiative SAWTIK and now with EQUAL Arabia, I am on Times Square, where a global audience is seeing my face and name.

Almas Spotify

Equal Arabia under Spotify was born to amplify the work of women creators. How does it feel to be part of such a platform and what do you wish to achieve?

I feel so proud that they chose me to be a part of EQUAL Arabia. It’s an important moment for me, because it’s a reminder that we can achieve anything if we set our minds to it.

You’re a female rapper. How important was it for you to shatter any stereotypes about this?

I am doing something for myself, and I believe that women can do anything they want, not just in the rap scene but beyond.

What advice would you share to young Emirati women aspiring to be a singer?

My advice to her would be to continue doing what she’s doing and work on herself until she finds herself on the right path.

Being a woman in the music industry can be challenging. How did you overcome this?

The struggles are always there but I am always capable of overcoming challenges. You just have to keep going.

Who is your role model in the music industry?

My role model is the band Pink Floyd.

Could you share the story behind your latest song releases?

In my latest track ‘Coffee’, I was singing in many dialects and languages and was speaking about my power in the scene.

With Emirati Women’s Day soon approaching. What changes would you like to see in the music industry for women?

I would like to see more women in the rap scene and I am willing to support them as well. We are queens and we deserve it.

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