A first for the private couple

Egyptian singer Amr Diab is one of the region’s biggest stars, and Dina El Sherbiny is one of the most talented young Egyptian actors. So, it comes as no surprise that the Arab world went into a frenzy when news of a relationship between the two was made public. However, the two are extremely private and little-to-nothing is known about their relationship.

Nevertheless, every now and then, a video of Amr and Dina would surface, and they would be all over social media again – at this point, the obsession is never going away. Now, the 34-year-old actress, who was the talk of town during Ramadan, for her incredible performance in Zay El Shams, reignited the flames by talking publicly about her relationship with the singer in a television interview.

Amr, who’s fans refer to as El Hadaba, is rumoured to be married to Dina; however, the two never confirmed or denied this. The actress, along with the cast of Zay El Shams appeared in an episode of Amr Adib’s show, where she spoke frankly about the nature of her relationship with the 57-year-old singer for the first time. She revealed that the Agmal Eyoun singer supports her both on a professional and personal level.

“This could be the first time that I speak of him, but Amr is happier [of the success of the show] than us,” Dina said. “He really stood by me, he loved the project a lot and he loved good work and people who work hard. He felt like we all did a great job.”

Dina also revealed, that every time she would get tired from shooting and the long hours, Amr would always be there with words of support. He would tell her: “You should Thank God, the series is a success, everyone is talking about it, it is almost over [shooting].”

The two also caused a buzz at the start of Ramadan, when telecommunications company, Vodafone dropped their ‘Gather your loved ones’ advertisement for the Holy Month. It had everything that makes up the perfect Ramadan ad, which is people coming together for the iftar feast, laughing, talking and sharing memories. While the song featured in the video is really good, people were mostly surprised that both Amr and Dina were a part of the project, where they are seen together. This is a rarity, and the first time the two work together.


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