You wouldn’t think this modern oasis nestled in the desert of the Grand Canyon just celebrated its 10th anniversary. Situated on 600 acres of land, Amangiri is miles from anything. It’s so private, it has attracted celebrities and moguls alike to celebrate birthdays and special occasions. In fact, the location is so secluded and remote, an Act of the US Congress had to be passed in order for the resort to be built. If that’s not the epitome of secluded luxury, then what is?


As you’d expect given the remoteness of the resort, one of the main aims of Amangiri is to limit interaction with big crowds – making it the perfect opportunity to ‘find yourself’ and spend quality time with your companions. The structure itself is understated yet has that wow-factor. Blending in with its blissful surroundings, there’s nothing to stop you with feeling at one with the peaceful landscape you look out onto.

Amangiri Grand Canyon

Guests are offered the ultimate seclusion package at Amangiri with just 34 suites, of which six have private pools. If it’s an elevated wilderness experience you’re seeking to really get away from it all, the resort now has 10 spacious one and two-bedroom pavilions all with their own living and dining areas, terraces, fire pits and heated plunge pools – the absolute dream escape.

As for the building itself, the architectural structure and materials used complements its surroundings perfectly. Coincidentally, or perhaps not, the name Amangiri means ‘peaceful mountain’ which is the exact vibe the resort oozes.

Here’s what EW recommends to pack: 


While you can truly ‘get away from it all’ in the comforts of your own suite at Amangiri, there’s also many other activities which can restore and rejuvenate you. However, there’s plenty on offer for guests to reach their ultimate level of zen.

There’s a wide range of spa and wellness treatments on offer for guests. One current offer they have is their ‘restore and rebalance’ treatment – promising guests they will be in “total seclusion and relaxation in the Utah desert”. Healing traditions from the Navajo people, the Native Americans who lived on the land where the resort is located, “draw on all four elements of the earth, win fire and water”. Guests are treated to a 30 minute Crystal sound bath and a 60 minute massage per night in the current deal available until December 22 of this year. There’s also a range of other treatments from beauty to massages, and a yoga and pilates studio for guests to enjoy.

Amangiri Grand Canyon


What’s great about the Amangiri Grand Canyon resort, is that you can have an adventure or be blissed out in equal measure. Just as you can totally get away from it all in the rejuvenation department, there’s just as many activities to explore. Whether it’s hiking and climbing, horseback riding, taking a helicopter ride over one of the many national parks that surrounds the resort or a hot air balloon ride, guests aren’t short of choice when it comes to the kind of escape they want.

The resort is also closely connected to the Navajo heritage and gives guests the opportunity to see the powerful storytelling sessions and ritual dances of the Native Americans.


At the resort there’s a total of four dining options. The Dining Room is open for guests for both breakfast and dinner, while the Fireside Pavilion is the perfect spot to enjoy dinner under the stars. Meanwhile, the Desert Lounge is a more secluded spot, looking out over the endless landscape the resort has to offer.

Amangiri Grand Canyon

And if you’re keen to get away from the hotel for the evening, guests can jump on a horse, drive or hike to the Chinle Suite which is the perfect spot for the ultimate atmospheric dinner.

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