The woman really knows how to put together an outfit.

Amal Clooney, human rights lawyer, mother of twins, and wife of George Clooney, is one of are absolute favourites in terms of style. She’s a seriously inspiring woman – we absolutely would never want to diminish that – but there’s no denying her fashion choices are also worth writing home about.

We saw a little less of Clooney this year. She gave birth to Alexander and Ella in June, which will take it out of a person. When we did see her though, sparks flew.

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Scroll on for our favourite style moments from the Beirut-born barrister.

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You could hardly be surprised that this was our favourite Clooney look of the year. At the Venice Film Festival premiere of her husband’s film Suburbicon, Amal went for a lilac silk chiffon Versace gown paired with Charlotte Tilbury makeup.

It’s a sublime mix. We’re thinking you’ll see this look on a lot of best of 2017 lists.

amal clooney

Speaking of Versace, and of Clooney looking fabulous, here’s this vintage, toga-inspired number from October. If we owned this dress, we’d wear it so much our friends would make fun of us. We wouldn’t care. It’s perfect.

Amal Clooney

It’s a little unexpected to have a Halloween look on a best-of-the-year list, for sure, but take in Clooney’s Halpern outfit above and tell us we’re wrong. The heavily embellished top and wide leg trousers are gorgeous. Side note: we love how extra she tends to get on a night out, considering how professional and straight-laced her work week style has to be.

This black and white jumpsuit is the perfect dinner date outfit. Just right for an evening in Lake Como, of course.

amal clooney

And here’s that work week style we were talking about. For her first day back at the UN after giving birth, Clooney went for a rusty Bottega Veneta suit. So ’70s, so good. Also: has her ever ever looked less than amazing?

amal clooney

This flowy, patterned Bill Blass gown was an elegant and relaxed choice for a Suburbicon screening.

What a stylish year. Here’s hoping we see a little more of the Clooneys out and about in 2018.

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