Through visually rich stories and compelling narratives, AlUla’s essence is expertly captured in Assouline’s signature style.

This travel tome takes readers on a curated journey showcasing AlUla’s geological landscapes, monumental heritage sites, and vibrant arts and culture scene.

AlUla, a largely undiscovered masterpiece spanning over 200,000 years of human history, has recently opened its doors to international visitors. Its extraordinary human and natural heritage, including the well-preserved monuments at Hegra and Jabal Ikmah, reflects the legacy of various civilizations. AlUla Old Town, with its traditional mud brick buildings, offers a glimpse into the area’s rich history.

The future development of AlUla is focused on responsible growth, emphasizing sustainable and light-touch tourism to benefit local populations and future generations. Embracing traditional arts and culture, AlUla shares its creative spirit with the world and welcomes local and international artists to be part of its modern future.

Central to AlUla’s appeal is its ability to seamlessly intertwine the ancient and contemporary, offering visitors a transformative journey. By immersing themselves in its cultural richness, natural beauty, and authentic spirit, travelers can create cherished memories and forge a profound connection with this extraordinary destination that remains deeply rooted in its history while continuously evolving towards the future.

With the launch of ‘AlUla Ever,’ the destination fully embraces its traditional arts and culture, sharing them with the world while also welcoming local and international artists to contribute to the city’s modern art scene.

Alongside programs at the art school Madrasat Addeera, which revitalize ancient handicrafts and artistic skills, 2024 will host the third edition of Desert X AlUla – a unique blend of contemporary land art against the backdrop of ancient landscapes, showcasing AlUla’s creative spirit.

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Images: Supplied by Assouline