Royal rebel.

Meghan Markle has only been the Duchess of Sussex for seven months now, but it seems like she can’t stop breaking Royal protocol with her bold fashion choices. Ever since it was announced that Prince Harry would marry the former actress, it was evident that Meghan would challenge Royal tradition, and bring her own style and interpretation to how a modern Royal should dress.

Here are all the times that Meghan broke Royal tradition.


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All the times Meghan Markle broke Royal Protocol

When: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement photo-op

Broken rule: Meghan wore a green P.A.R.O.S.H. dress under a white Line the Label coat for her wedding announcement picture, and this was when she broke her first rule. According to Royal protocol, it is a requirement to wear stocking with a short dress, which she did not do.

All the times Meghan Markle broke Royal Protocol

When: Royal trip to Scotland with her husband-to-be

Broken rule: Royals are advised to hold a clutch bag, as it is protocol not to extend your hand to any member of the Royal family, unless they extend theirs first. Therefore, Meghan accessorizing with a Cross-Body Bag was perceived as breaking the rules.

All the times Meghan Markle broke Royal Protocol

When: Queen Elizabeth II’s Trooping the Colour ceremony in London

Broken Rule: It is believed that exposing your shoulders is against the rules if you are a Royal, but Meghan opted for an off-shoulder dress from Carolina Herrera for one of her first official events as Duchess of Sussex.

All the times Meghan Markle broke Royal Protocol

When: A visit to the Famine Memorial in Ireland

Broken Rule: It is usually preferred for Royals to attend formal events in skirts or dress, but the Duchess has embraced the pantsuit combo for many occasions – one of which is this Givenchy ensemble that she wore during a visit to Ireland.

All the times Meghan Markle broke Royal Protocol

When: Royal tour of Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand

Broken Rule: Megan’s first royal tour was filled with incredible fashion moments where we saw her challenge all types of Royal protocol. One of the Royal stops on the tour was the beach, where we saw her break two rules – first was wearing wedges, which is supposedly frowned upon, the second was ditching said wedges and walking barefoot at the beach!

All the times Meghan Markle broke Royal Protocol

When: Last day on Royal tour in New Zealand

Broken Rule: This moment shook the internet to its core – Meghan wrapped up her first royal tour in a Givenchy sweater and a skirt that was see-through. It’s unclear whether this skirt was intentionally sheer or not, but it breaks all royal protocol for obvious reasons.

All the times Meghan Markle broke Royal Protocol

When: The Fashion Awards 2018

Broken Rule: Megan’s latest broken rule was when she made a surprise appearance at The Fashion Awards 2018, where she wore a tight-hugging one shoulder gown from Givenchy. Surprisingly the dress wasn’t the issue, it was her black nail-polish that caught everyone’s attention, as it is common knowledge that the Queen prefers nude colours only.

We can’t wait to see what the Duchess wears next!

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