The Fallin’ singer headed straight for the Pyramids

Alicia Keys is currently vacationing in Egypt.

The 15-time Grammy Award singer headed to the North African country with her husband, the Grammy-award winning music producer Swizz Beats and their two children, Egypt Dauod and Genesis.




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The Fallin’ singer took to Instagram to express her excitement, where she posted a string of photos posing in front of the Sphinx as well as the three pyramids.

“We have been Nesu and Nesa (Kings and Queens) for thousands of years! Greatness is in our DNA! Genuis runs through our veins! The pic is exactly how I feel! Shinin’ powerful YOU!!’ she wrote.

The vacation was also a chance for her kids to reconnect with their roots.

“I just want them to know…how incredible our ancestors were. The first astrophysicists, scientists, physicians, mathematicians, architects, creators of so much of the world as we know it. It’s such a blessing to know what cloth you’re cut from!” she wrote.

The family also headed to neighbouring cities Luxor, Aswan and Nuba, where they visited Luxor’s famous temples and enjoyed a boat ride in Aswan.

The Egyptian Tourism Authority were clearly thrilled the family had landed.

“We’d like to welcome Alicia Keys and her family to Egypt! We hope your experience is one for the ages! #Thisisegypt,” they wrote on Twitter.


A number of celebrities have headed to Egypt over the past year, including Oscar winner Hillary Swank, Nicholas Cage and footballer Lionel Messi.

We can’t wait to see where she’ll head to next!

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