Stomp the streets

You might’ve tried to dismiss or resist, but we are pretty sure that a form of chunky shoes has made it into your wardrobe.

The bulky sole that seemed overwhelming in the beginning has become a go-to style thanks to its comfort, added height and the general cool vibe.


Many designers have had a love affair with this maxi silhouette, but not many have come close to the bulkiness of Alexander McQueen’s iconic Tread Slicks.


To continue the creative concept ‘McQueen Nature’, the brand invited some photographers based in different parts of the world  to capture a pair of Tread Slicks in the comfort of nature.


Chloe Le Drezen and Ethan James Green took their style of choice to the urban streets of London, showcasing the tough yet wearable elements of these must-have shoes.

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Images: Supplied