Gift of love!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and whether you think its is silly or romantic, if there’s someone in your life who’s going to want a gift, you’d better not disappoint them. While roses and heart shaped chocolates are considered cliché, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them. Aldo has taken these Valentine staples, and added a twist, one that refuses to wilt anytime soon.


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Here are some of our favourite products from Aldo’s Valentine collection:

Aldo Valentine

Droredda White sneakers, AED 399. Stessy Red Heels, AED 399. Galericlya White sneakers, AED 349.

Aldo Valentine

Mallare Black bag, AED 229. Necklace, AED 49. Sevaemma Pink chain, AED 69.

Aldo Valentine

Setzu Red Wallet, AED 129. Stelzer Belt Bag, AED 199. Sevaemma Red Chain, AED 69. 

Happy romancing, friends.

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Images: Supplied