Many might not know, but it was Kanye West that inspired Adele to finally say yes to performing at the iconic British music festival, Glastonbury.

She was watching him light up the stage as thousands of people chanted to his every track, and the rest, as they say, is history. Her performance in 2016 is one of the most celebrated moments of the major music event, which fans from around the world got to re-live over this weekend as various platforms streamed the most hyped sets from Glastonbury archives.

Due to coronavirus, the festival was cancelled this year leaving many fans and first-timers heartbroken. To add a ray of sunshine to their moods, Adele and her hand fan took to Instagram to recreate that legendary performance. She even changed out of pyjamas into the dress she wore on stage, clearly it was too special not to keep.



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The 95-minute set kicked off with her hit Hello from album 25, and continued with more of her emotional songs before ending on Someone Like You, from album 21.

A special music moment that once again highlights the magnitude of Glastonbury Festival and a great deal that it means to the fans and artists.

On a bright note, the event is scheduled to be back next year so the field gets another year to recover.

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