The first time in seven years

With the Holy Month, comes Ramadan TV dramas from all sides of the region. The majority Arab world fixates in front of the small screen to watch their favourite stars act their heart out. Many promos and synopsis were released and announced ahead of this month, some of which included Valentino, staring Egyptian icon Adel Emam. 

However, when the Holy Month kicked off and all of the shows premiered, we noticed that one was missing, Valentino. For the first time in seven years, the 78-year-old actor is not part of the Ramadan series race, and fans started wondering why that was. Rumours swirled about the actor’s health, many believing that series has stopped mid-production because Adel has fallen ill. However, the actor has finally spoken up in a statement to Egyptian newspaper Al-Watan, where he assured fans that he is in good health.

“Thank God, I am well,” said the actor before jokingly adding: “Have you guys killed me again or what?” He also revealed that he is following the Ramadan series race, despite not being a part of it. When asked about his favourite show, he said that there are several good ones, without mentioning any names. Nevertheless, he did admit to watching Hogan, the series lead by his son Mohamed Emam and is happy with all of the fans reaction. When asked about his opinion, the legend said: “It will definitely be a biased one.”



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The story of Valentino revolved around ‘Nour Abdel Magid’ who was best known as ‘Valentino.’ He along with his wife, played by Dalal Abdelaziz, own several international schools. However, the couple butt-heads multiple times throughout the series, and from there begins the adventure and surprises. The series reportedly did not air because they stopped shooting it midway due to production issues. Egyptian journalist, Ahmed Moussa, revealed that Adel asked for the series to be postponed. This is because the actor wanted the series to come out in the best way possible for his fans, who are used to excellence from the legend. Mostly due to time constrictions, they weren’t able to finish the show in the best way, so he chose to push back its release.

Last Ramadan, Adel wowed fans with his series, Awalem Khafeya, where he portrayed ‘Hilal Kamel’ a veteran journalist, who discovers the memoir of an actress whose death was ruled out as a suicide, when she was in fact killed. The memoir confirms her murder, as she unveiled the corruption of influential figures, who killed her to protect their secret. With the help of the diary and his team, Hilal proves her murder while revealing those who are corrupt. The series is currently available on Netflix under the title of Hidden Words

We can’t wait for the show to finally make its debut!

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