Announced by UK government

Up until this point, official symptoms associated with coronavirus included a cough; shortness of breath or difficulty breathing; fever chills; muscle pain and a sore throat. Now, a new symptom has been added to the list.


The UK government has confirmed that anyone noticing a loss of taste or smell, known as anosmia, should practice self-isolation.

Anosmia was first discussed in March as a potential symptom, but has only confirmed as an official sign of the virus this week, and has now been added to the approved list by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In a statement issue by the UK’s Chief Medical Officers, they explained emerging data on COVID-19 has been closely monitored and “after thorough consideration are now confident enough to recommend this new measure”.

This week the UAE has also announced new measures including the lockdown extension and new fines. We are all also encouraged to download UAE’s coronavirus tracking app, especially if you had or have contracted COVID-19.

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Media: Unsplash