If you’ve recently moved to the UAE and have a foreign license, you might now be able to easily convert it without any added hassle.

Per Dubai’s Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), a “golden chance” is now being given to expats to seamlessly convert to their UAE driver’s license without attending driving classes.

Via an announcement made on Twitter, It grants visitors the right to drive with their national driving license or exchange it with a UAE license if they hold a residence permit.

According to a list posted on the Ministry of Interior (MOI) website, license-holders from these 43 countries are allowed to swap a driving license from their home country for a UAE license. License holders from Albania, Portugal, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Estonia, Slovak, Slovenia, Serbia, Cyprus, Latvia, China, Luxembourg, Lithuania, the United States of America, Iceland, Montenegro, France, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Malta, Italy, Sweden, Ireland, Spain, Norway, New Zealand, Romania, Singapore, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Finland, United Kingdom, Turkey, Canada, Poland, South Africa and Australia.

Foreign license holders that are required to take lessons and a driving test can now easily apply to complete the road test from the RTA website, without completing driving lessons, under the ‘golden chance’ scheme.

Previous rules

Before, in order to obtain a UAE driver’s license in Dubai when holding a foreign driver’s license– it was mandatory as per the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) for certain countries to complete driving classes and a knowledge or road test. However, as per the latest scheme, it is now easier to apply for a UAE driver’s license in Dubai.

To now apply you can visit rta.ae

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