Getting into a skincare rut is a very real thing. While many of us have to stick to certain products for personal reasons, some keep relying on the same routine that has stopped delivering that dreamy complexion.

The good news is you don’t have to break up with your go-to products, but you can enhance your routine with just four steps that Dubai-based dermatologist Dr. Lana Kashlan has put together. Her aim is to help you fall back in love with your skin by tackling dehydration and imperfections with the help of some familiar tools.

Why is cleansing important? 

“While assuming that your skin routine is doing you all the good, you could very well, with a simple misstep, damage your skin. A regular routine consists of cleaning your skin twice per day, one in the morning and one in the evening. Having said that, a deep cleansing routine is advised once to twice weekly, at the most. If you do not cleanse regularly, breakouts are more likely to happen.”

Pro tip: Use FOREO’s latest launch, the LUNA mini 3 (Dhs790). It gives a gentle but deep clean with the bristles.

Timing is key


“If you clean your skin less than needed, impurities will remain in the skin and close the pores. If you clean your skin for more than needed, you may damage it.” Aim for 30 seconds and see how your complexion feels.


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Use moisturising treatments right after you cleanse

Think of your skin as a blank canvas. When it’s been thoroughly cleansed, all of the products you use after will have a better absorption level which means it’s an ideal time to boost your skin with extra hydration. Whether you choose an intense cream or a sheet mask, avoid completely drying your skin after cleansing so anything you apply on top will lock in that leftover moisture.

Pro tip: Try FOREO H2Overdose mask (Dhs110 for six) containing hyaluronic acid.

Try light therapy

LED lights in red, green and blue delivery a number of benefits to your complexion. The red light is like a detox. It will infuse into the skin cell and it will enhance blood circulation and oxygenation. The green LED light will work more on smoothing the skin and giving it a balanced tone and a better glow. Night owls will also appreciate its ability to tackle dark circles under the eyes. Anyone struggling with excess oil can use the blue light as it targets bacteria that gets built up in the oil glands which causes acne. “We actually use LED lights in my office for our facials to help calm inflammation.”

Pro tip: UFO (Dhs1,000) is not only equipped with light therapy but it also has a heating and cooling element that helps ingredients in a mask absorb efficiently so you can enjoy the benefits of a 20-minute sheet mask in just 90 seconds.

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