Yesterday morning Emirates Woman, along with luxury brand Initio Perfumes, hosted a special VIP breakfast at Opera Gallery, DIFC and the results were scent-sational (sorry, we had to go there).

While you were having your early morning toast and coffee, 17 entrepreneurs, influencers and creatives were enjoying delicate French pastries, crunchy granola and platters of fresh fruit while experimenting with decadent fragrance concoctions from Initio – it was a fabulous stylish-rendezvous-cum-chemistry-class, if you will.

In between discussing the imminent Emirates Woman Woman Of The Year Awards party (it’s still not too late to vote), our long weekend plans and politics, we all filled our pipettes with various Initio perfumes and learned about the different characteristics before blending them to create our or unique scent.

Brand Director Yvan Jacqueline  was extremely charming as he explained the differences between natural and synthetic properties and had most of the group blushing after explaining how the Magnetic range contains male pheromones… It took German scientists three years to perfect that.

Hear Yvan talk about Initio, new trends (FYI oud is out) and fascinating details behind each scent in the video below. To see exclusive images from the VIP breakfast, scroll through our gallery.

Images: Kristina Nabieva, Syed Ali