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Flowers are a classic feature of any wedding, whether we’re talking about a bouquet, table or venue set up. And the choices of arrangement trends are ever-changing. They are also majestic back-grounds for that Insta upload.

Planning a wedding is stressful enough, so we asked Maison Des Fleurs’ head florist Cheryl Cox to help all bride-to-be’s with everything they need to know about 2020 floral trends.

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What floral trends can we look out for this year?

We expect themes to be opulent yet intimate such as flower arrangements that are designed in volume or classily cascading from ceiling to floor.

What goes through your mind when planning a bridal bouquet for a client?

Usually, we like to understand the bride’s personality and create a bouquet that is based on her character and style. Each bouquet we create is unique as it will be created to capture the bride’s essence, taking into consideration the flowers that are in season and colours that will best match her.

What goes into planning the flowers for a large event? Any advice for the brides?

It is always a good idea to consider the seasonality of flowers. Then we decide on the theme and the colour combinations. We aim to plan as much in advance as possible and to work with event planners and florists, so that she can just enjoy her big day without worrying about logistics, or centrepieces.

wedding flowers tips trends florist dubai uae

What else should a bride consider?

There are certain flowers that could either be too large, too small, too weak, etc. For example: flowers such as delphinium, eremurus, jasmine and latirus are not usually used in bridal bouquets, but you would see them in centrepieces or other arrangements.

What do you think about flowers that go in and out of style?

It’s not specific flowers that go in and out of style, but more the composition of flowers and how they are used together. Some factors that influence floral trends are certain colours and elements used in interior decoration as well as fashion. However, the seasonality of flowers and availability of specific flowers during a certain season will always be a key driver.

Are there any flowers that you feel are underused and would do really well in a wedding, or bouquet?

Tropical flowers. They are not usually used for bridal bouquets due to their weight, however they would look quite unique.

wedding flowers tips trends florist dubai uae

How do you ensure that the flowers you pick will last and look luscious throughout the event?

When a bouquet is compact and hand-tied it will last for a day. There are certain flowers to pick that we know from experience would last, like peonies, roses, and tulips. As for other arrangements at the event, it is very important to understand the location in advance so that certain conditions can be taken into consideration when selecting the flowers.

Is there an increase in demand for faux and long-lasting flowers for weddings? Why do you think that is?

Yes, there is certainly an increase in demand for faux or long-lasting flowers for weddings as we are seeing that brides would like to keep them to remember the big day. Additionally, there is no seasonality with faux flowers, so brides that want certain flowers in their bouquet might opt for a faux bouquet if the flowers they want are out of season. We are also seeing more demand for faux flowers for larger structures such as arches and flower walls, due to the huge cost of creating these structures with fresh flowers compared with the cost of renting faux flowers which could be cheaper. Another reason is that there are now producers of faux flowers who are making these look and even feel very real to the point where the wedding guests might not even be able to tell the difference.

What is your final piece of advice?

Floral colours, themes and quality will make a huge difference in the whole wedding set up. So don’t underestimate the importance of flowers and leave them till the end which may not give your florist enough time to create and execute the concept.

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