Whether you consider yourself an ardent gym bunny or a content couch potato who occasionally dabbles in exercise, you will most definitely relate to these fitness gifs… prepare to not only agree but to laugh, and laugh hard because it’s so true…

It’s all well and good wanting to look like a Victoria’s Secret model – heck, what woman doesn’t? – but keeping in shape is no easy feat and it’s certainly not without its trials and tribulations. It requires hard work, dedication and motivation.

However, as we are human, our quests to resemble a runway model are never easy.  Of course, the best way to express our emotions is through GIFs. Keep scrolling for out top nine GIFs that perfectly embody the way fitness makes us feel, both good and bad!

When You Manage To Run 5k Without Stopping For A Break

When You Turn Housework Into A Workout

That Awful Feeling After Falling Off The Bandwagon

When You Lose Your Strength After A Long Fitness Break

When Your Favourite Song Comes On The Playlist 

When The Class Hyperchondriac Blames Poor Performance On Another ‘Injury’

When Your Try To Get Creative With Your Workout

On Your Cheat Day

When You Try To Increase Your Protein Intake