Basically, there are two seasons in Dubai, summer and inferno. Luckily, we’re beginning to pull out of the latter.

Those who’ve been here for a while will have been conditioned to believe that 30 degrees is ‘rather nippy’.

So in celebration of everyone’s favourite season – Dubai winter – we’ve thrown together a list showing off some of the things we’re looking forward to when the temperature drops.

From camping to picnics, here are eight reasons we’re looking forward to the Dubai winter.

1. Go to the beach without melting

Sun’s great for the skin and all, but there’s a limit. That limit was surpassed at around 40 degrees Celsius.

winter dubai


2. Sleep with your windows open

It’s so much nicer being able to sleep without air-con without feeling like you’re going to turn your bed into a paddling pool.

dubai winter


3. Have breakfast, lunch, dinner outside…

You can now enjoy al fresco dinning without having to worry about pit patches.

dubai winter


4. You can actually run outside…

Grab a workout without the fear of sunstroke.

winter dubai

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5. No more melting make-up

No longer will you rock up to the club looking like a bad waxwork model.

winter dubai


6. Your balcony becomes useful again

Read, tan, eat, relax. You’ve finally got a reason to use the outdoor part of your flat again.



7. Camping’s back on the books

It’s all fun and games until it gets a bit too warm and there’s not an air-con machine in sight. Now that it’s winter, it’ll get cold enough that you’ll have to bring a jumper.

winter dubai

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8. Go hiking!

The great outdoors! Grab some buddies, some sandwiches and head into the mountains. There are plenty of great spots around the UAE to go walking.

winter dubai

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