Ever wondered what the life of an Emirates cabin crew member is like? These Emirates flight attendants show us with their massive fan base.

Well, several individuals are lifting the veil of what goes on behind the scenes and, in turn, have built huge social media followings.

Many of them share their on-duty makeup routines, tips for the recruitment process to become an Emirates flight attendant and daily life vlogs of what their shift work and travelling to different places are like.

So, if you’re keen to go behind the veil of the lives of Emirates cabin crew members, here’s some of the content creators who have amassed huge fan bases on social media.

Kelsey Johnson


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A post shared by Kelsey Johnson (@lipstickandluggage)

Under the handle of ‘Lipstick and Luggage’, this Canadian has garnered a huge social media following. Johnson recently announced her return to the skies with Emirates and said she was looking forward to “soaring to new heights”.

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Joana joined Emirates as a flight attendant over six years and has now visited over 70 countries and 143 cities all the while building an impressive following of over 90,000 people.

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Yanushya Sheludko

Hailing from Ukraine, Sheludko has flown with Emirates for over six years and recently even admitted, “I love my job so much, that I could marry it”.

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Maria Soldatova

From Austria to France, Soldatova is known for her travel videos. Throughout her 11 years of flying, she garnered over 6.8 million views on YouTube. Earlier this year she decided to take a step back from flying, instead channelling her creativity into her new jewellery brand Zoldi Jewels, inspired by travel motifs such as aeroplanes and maps.

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Viktoria Zadoenchuk

Having recently joined as cabin crew, Zadoenchuk has already seen the world in the span of a few months, while balancing her passion for art.

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Julia Laís

From Mykonos to the Maldives, Lais shares a plethora of tips from her trips around the world, including fitness and fashion. On the side, she is also an interior designer and always manages to balance her passion for design and travel.

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Danielle Murnane


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A post shared by Danielle Murnane (@danimurnani)

Having visited over 77 countries, Murnane has converted her passion for wanderlust into a full-time job. With her love for baking, Murnane also has a platform, Bake Me Crazy, where she shares all her recipes for making a delectable array of desserts.

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A post shared by Lily|Travel |Fitness|Dubai (@lily791)

By starting a full-time lifestyle page, Lily is known for experiential visits around the globe. She has travelled to over 66 cities and 43 countries worldwide.

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