With the usage of social media becoming more rampant than ever, who we follow to consume inspiring content is more important than ever.

With that in mind, here are eight content creators based in Dubai who you should be following on social media this year.

Laura Badura

From elevating everyday looks to being a fashion ambassador for many well-known brands, her travel-based content is a part of the iconic Instagram duo with her twin Klaudia Badura and her posts mainly centre between her travels in both Dubai and London.

Samantha Francis

Creative director and stylist Samantha Francis always manages to give us inspiration through her sartorial fashion choices and DIY décor ideas. From minimal aesthetics to supporting contemporary fashion brands, she’s definitely one to follow.

Gabriella Bjersland

This Dubai-based style maven not only has a visually aesthetic feed, but also enjoys being surrounded by creative craftsmanship as she believes in healthy eating and exercise too.

Ola Farahat

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From styling and accessorising, to adding a playful touch to each outfit, this content creator and former EW cover star is a well-known designer, fashion blogger and business visionary. Her confidence is absolutely refreshing.

Zahra Khalil

Known for her fashion expertise, Zahra has worked across well-known publications along with media production and over the years has captured her love for travelling on social media.

Tamara Al Gabbani

The Emirati fashion designer and model has amped the notch by taking the region’s fashion scene by storm, by also being an avid voice for female strength and empowerment she’s on top of her A-game like never before.

Sai Ferrera

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After starting her own blog, she’s managed to engage her followers through her beautiful art of content creation while sharing her love for the beach and travel while also being drawn towards spirituality.

Rania Fawaz

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This former EW cover star gives us style inspiration on a daily basis, from ’80s silhouettes to a jet-setting agenda, she’s earned a loyal fanbase while also honing her true fashion talent.

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