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A we shed winter layers and look forward to blossoming spring, it’s only natural we want to add a new fragrance to our repertoire that makes us feel fresh and new. From Tom Ford’s sensual and cheeky Rose Prick to Dolce & Gabbana’s mouthwatering Fruit Collection, there is a scent to satisfy the sweetest of tastes as well as those who love something a little muskier. Spoiler alert, pink pepper seems to be the hottest (pun intended) ingredient this season.

Dior Rouge Trafalgar

spring fragrances 2020

You might first think that Rouge Trafalgar is inspired by a historical monument, but it actually takes it’s name from a red dress that appears in every Dior collection. Designed to surprise, Christian Dior named the dress Rouge Trafalgar, and the newest scent is equally attention grabbing. Kicking off with delicious blend of berries, the blackcurrant and violet leaf inject some depth, while musk and patchouli round it off. It’s fruity but not sugary, it has a certain elegance that makes it a fresh grown up scent.

Diptyque Eau Capitale


A love letter to Paris, the newest scent from Diptyque will strike a chord with fans of chypre. Bouquet of roses verging on excess follows fresh bergamot. Then enters mellow patchouli to linger on the skin, while pink peppercorn brings brightness and warmth. Just like a delicious cup of Parisian hot chocolate, drank on the cobbled sidewalk of a chic cafe.

Dolce & Gabbana The Fruit Collection

spring fragrances 2020

Dolce & Gabbana Beauty pays tribute to Sicily and its fruity treasures. The new trio of scents are a vibrant burst of joy, evoking the simple pleasure of biting into a lush and ripe fruit, sweetened by the Sicilian sun. Featuring zesty lemon with a splash of ginger essence, sweet orange blended with fresh basil, and exotic pineapple is mixed with mandarin oil and jasmine sambac, the Fruit Collection is fresh and playful, just like you want to feel during bright Spring days.

Kayali Déjà Vu White Flower

spring fragrances 2020

Created from some of the most luxurious raw materials sourced from all around the world, the warm and sultry scent is an alluring bouquet of white florals. With each and every spritz the notes of jasmine, tuberose, patchouli and gardenia come together in a seductive and unique blend. Déjà Vu White Flower | 57 has a generous concentration of 25 percent oil, which means the intense fragrance is not only powerfully seductive, but long-lasting.

spring fragrances 2020

We simply can’t resist the pastel packaging and the fact that these glide-on long-lasting fragrances of your favourite Chanel scents look like childhood pencils. Chanel Chance Crayons de Parfum are a limited-edition and come as a set of four.

tom ford rose prick perfume

Rose Prick combines three of the rarest types of the rose flower: Bulgarian rose, Turkish rose and Rose de Mai. Fragrance opens with a Bulgarian roses and Rose de Mai which is pierced with the sharp fire of Sichuan pepper and the ginger-like spice of turmeric extract. The rose scent is then rounded off with Indonesian patchouli, woody breath of Chypre, and the warmth of roasted Tonka – you can also expect addictive notes of caramel and vanilla. A dry down of Tolu balsam and notes of skin-gripping musk capture the blushing beauty of fleshy petals blossoming atop a barbed branch.

Ex Nihilo Explicite

spring fragrances 2020

EXPLICITE is the epitome of all fantasies: a torrid summer night, braving the forbidden, unapologetically sensual. Pink pepper electrifies the petals of a peonies and Lilies of the Valley bouquet, while vanilla melts with amber bring a roundness to the fragrance. A few drops of sandalwood smoothen, diffusing a mesmerising scent on the skin.

Narciso Rodriguez Fleur Musc Eau De Toilette Florale

spring fragrances 2020

Capturing the spirit of sensuality in every woman, the latest scent offers a floral bouquet with citrus notes that envelope the heart of musc with warmth. Rose scent is elevated with spicy pink peppercorns and brightened with zesty bergamot, adding vibrancy the scent. Woody notes of patchouli and soft amber illuminate and round off the scent.

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