The sun is setting early, the wind is getting chilly and the leaves are turning crisp.

It is officially the season to get cosy and curled up with your favourite books (and also, blast Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well’ unlimitedly).

Extroverts might fight me on this, but an introverted bibliophile would much rather stay in than socialise. Image this: It’s dark and gloomy outisde, the temperature is just right, you make your favourite hot bevarage and sit in your reading nook with an interesting book – does anything else seem better? I think not.

While one may read anything they please, but reading about a summer romance in this weather will not do justice to the modd you’re trying to create. Think mystical fantasies, vulnerable love stories and of course, murder mysteries – what? everybody loves a good homicide story.

‘Tis the season to nurture your soul, and do things that bring you joy.

Take a look at out top picks for the 8 books you must cosy up with:

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