Thinking of going freelance or launching your own company and not sure where to start? Well, let us help you.

Going solo isn’t as daunting as it may initially seem. If one of our fave 1980s movie classics Working Girl taught us anything it’s that hard work and big shoulder pads pay off.

Here’s seven great startup tips for female entrepreneurs… what are you waiting for? 

1. Commit to your goals

Have a clear set of goals and commit to it. Know your brand and be consistent in promoting it. This is definitely important if you are starting a business with limited capital. Do not be tempted to do things outside of your scope.

It’s a very dangerous thing if you fall into this trap and not consider the results, you can stretch your budget thin, or provide mediocre service because it’s not what you’re good at. Acquire enough knowledge on your niche and focus on it.


Kristen Wig’s character in Bridesmaids saw her business fail after going out of her scope

2. Network with others

Success doesn’t only depend on what you can do but also on the people you know. Meeting people, especially like minded enthusiasts, will create shared value for both parties.

You can source out suppliers and vendors, entrepreneurs and discuss challenges. It can be a vital part in growing your business. Join business groups online or meet-up with local business groups who share the same interests.

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3. Find a Mentor

Seek for a trusted advisor when you start your own business. They will provide training and support, and help you grow your business. You can also seek leadership advice and ask your mentor to help you go through common business challenges like business ownership, gender discrimination and similar issues.

How do you find a mentor? Scan your LinkedIn contact and see if there are industry leaders you can seek help from. There are also sites that provide mentorship services for startup business for free.


4. Keep a healthy balance

Starting a new business can be very stressful at times, making it unhealthy for you. Always keep the balance so you still have time for family and friends.

Always seek to advance your knowledge on your niche and brand. Do not be afraid of the things that you don’t know. Remember that there’s so much that you can learn if you have the passion to learn it. But you’ve got to be prepared to work.

5. Trust Your Leadership Instincts

One of the many unique gifts a woman has is her strong instinct. Learn to trust your instinct. It can be difficult to lead others as a female business owner. There will always be a double standard in the work place. The key is to trust your leadership instincts.

Be confident about your decision. Trust yourself. When in doubt, rely to your gut and move forward.

6. Never be afraid to ask for help

There is no one who knows everything about anything, or has all the skills. Never be afraid to ask for help from other people. You’re going to need a lot of support from people.

It doesn’t matter, whether it’s learning about developing a new website or creating a new marketing plan, you shouldn’t feel shy to ask for help. The key to success is to help others succeed.

A piece of advice is to understand that leadership style varies from one business to another. The most successful female entrepreneurs use different strategies in different situations. Whenever you feel you need help with making decisions, ask for some great advice. Think about the possible outcomes. Acknowledge others’ opinion. Motivate your team and work twice as hard as them.

7. Take failures as challenges

As an entrepreneur, you will encounter many failures. The important part is to learn from your failure and move on. You will never know what’s in store for you in your next ventures and success might just come your way.

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