If you’re on the lookout for Dubai’s best kept secrets, you’re in the right place. This emirate is home to a myriad of minimal cafés known for its calming interiors which allow you to take a break from in the city.

With a host of cultural enclaves, this emirate has a plethora of hidden coffee shops and cafés waiting to be discovered. Infused with boho-chic elements, each of the minimal cafés is a zen-inspired oasis for guests to unplug and reset during the weekend or weekend.

From concrete interiors to a minimalist palette, Scandinavian interiors have gained huge traction over the years as spaces have sheltered away from the overcomplicated design. Overall, the use of raw materials to meticulously curated spaces that exude a sense of pristine simplicity, allowing each café to be adorned with intricate wallpapers and carefully arranged furnishings and décor.

Be it a conscious eatery or a hidden villa in the heart of Jumeirah, Dubai is never short of minimal cafés where you can work from or simply catch up with friends.

For a complete guide on the unique hidden cafés in Dubai, swipe through our editor-approved guide.

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