With beauty glorified in all its diversity, hijabi content creators have taken the beauty world by storm with their professional tips and incredible makeup skills.

From product reviews to stunning looks expressing their creativity, these content creators and makeup artists continue to inspire us on a daily basis.

Farisa Safrina

From makeup brand reviews to the latest beauty releases, Farina is constantly inspiring her audience with tutorials and hauls, on what’s the latest in the market and where to invest your money in. From drugstore essentials to recreating different key looks, she has flawlessly created her social media pages, which have helped her garner a loyal fan base.

Anisa Stoffel

Whether skincare recommendations or luxe beauty tips no matter what the season, this LA-based content creator is an expert in the beauty field. Focussing on neutral tones for her looks, Anisa always ensures her skin feels and looks hydrated at all times.

Aisha Liyana


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While being a part-time YouTuber and full-time makeup enthusiast, Aisha is the queen of subtle yet luxe makeup looks, as her makeup is always on point and continues to inspire her audience.

Osob Mohamud

The entrepreneur constantly shares beauty, style and motherhood tips with her followers. She’s also branched out of the beauty space, having created her own modest wear line with luxe pieces to suit the modern-day woman. With contouring and highlighting tricks to enhance your latest features, Osob is the queen of makeup with beauty hacks that are worth watching out for.

Aysha Harun


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As we’re constantly taking notes and are inspired by Aysha’s skincare routine, she manages to create a seamless base for her makeup to provide that soft-glam aesthetic with a wow factor, no matter what the occasion. From a radiant complexion to dewy looks, Aysha shares her talent with the world through the creation of each look.

Sabina Hannan


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With bold brows being the focal point of Sabina’s looks, this content creator constantly shares her occasion-based makeup looks be it, Eid, weddings or even for the everyday.

Shahd Batal


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The Sudanese-American beauty vlogger has makeup tutorials, hair care routines and skincare routines that have drawn her more than 280,000 loyal subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel, while the 24-year-old was also the face of ASOS’ Ramadan last year.

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