Balancing two careers doesn’t come easy, but Emirates cabin crew members show us how it’s done.

From launching their own fashion labels to jewellery brands, these talented individuals have made a mark for themselves beyond the world of aviation.

To champion these talented cabin crew members, Emirates Woman has curated a list of flight attendants who prove that you can do both.

Luciana Tanase


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Besides her full-time career as an Emirates cabin crew member, Luciana Tanase has also founded her own fashion label, I-LO. This Romanian-based fashion label offers an array of everyday wardrobe staples such as crop tops and partywear pieces. With a passion for travelling, she’s managed to garner a massive fan base and dedicate time to growing her fashion brand’s presence online.

Yassmine El Kholy


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With a passion for yoga and other meditation practices such as sound healing, Yassmine Elkholy is a part-time yoga instructor and an Emirates cabin crew member. She has been part of several campaigns for brands such as Reebok and Alo Yoga, making a mark for herself in the world of fitness. With a focus on complicated poses, she has garnered a dedicated audience who are keen to learn about the practice.

Maria Soldatova

With over 11 years of flying experience, Maria Soldatova is a long-standing Emirates cabin crew member. With her dedicated love for travelling, Soldatova decided to launch her own jewellery brand, Zoldi Jewels, designed with all the wanderlust inspiration. The pieces consist of airplanes, seashells, a map and various countries she’s visited around the globe. The pieces are sustainably produced in a conscious environment for the workers. As an entrepreneur, she has learned the art of dedicating her efforts to both her profession and brand.


Danai has visited over 48 countries as an Emirates flight attendant. Originally from Greece, she has established herself as a travel content creator with her pictures from around the globe. From surfing to skydiving, she’s always on a mission to try out new activities while sharing her fashion inspiration. Her loyal fan base is always keen to see where she’s off to next and what her outfits are.


With long-haul flights and numerous hours spent on air, Margot started her own YouTube channel and is now a part-time vlogger. With all the new countries she has visited, she shares snippets of her life as a cabin crew member, her channel has reached over 51,000 subscribers.

Hana Brvar

This Slovenian cabin crew member has travelled to a host of countries around the world. After pursuing her law degree, she decided to become a full-time flight attendant and makes time for her hobby as a professional ski instructor. From Portugal to Sri Lanka, she has seen the world and constantly shares photos of her travel experiences.

Olia Podvolotskaya


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Podvolotskaya wears many hats. Along with being an Emirates cabin crew, she has been a dancer for 18 years and is also a part-time English and German teacher and interpreter. In May 2022, she officially completed her training programme and is now a full-time flight attendant for Emirates.

So, who says you can’t do two things at once?

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Images: Supplied & Feature image: Instagram @luciana_tanase