With the fashion world now taking a sustainable route, restoration and ensuring longevity play a key role in maintaining luxury goods.

Over the years, Dubai has grown with the finest repair services as it’s a tedious task and should only done by specialists in the field.

So, whether it’s your sharpie-stained Chanel or a worn-out pair of designer boots, the experts know how to give your much-loved items some TLC.

To meet your needs, the master artisans will restore the original structure of your item and restore it to their former glory. For where to go, Emirates Woman has curated the ultimate guide on how to breathe new life into your precious pieces.



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For those on a busy schedule or just want an app that can take care of your washing, Washmen will be a godsend. Washmen is a simple app that takes care of your laundry with wash & fold and clean & press services. With professional shoe care made easy, customers can experience repair and restoration services picked up and delivered at your door along with bag care. The usual turnaround time for garments is 48 to 72 hours. You can download the app on both the iOS and Android stores. The brand has recently launched The Finery® – a whole new sub-brand introduced to redefine couture preservation and elevate luxury garment care. So think about that couture piece that was made just for you, or that statement piece you invested in or perhaps that timeless family heirloom which holds immense sentimental value. 

For more information visit washmen.com

Champion Cleaners


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This premium dry cleaning and laundry service allows expat and locals to restore their most-loved items. As a leading cleaning service, the company offers dry cleaning, laundry, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, shoe repair and alterations with the highest standards. You can download the app on both the iOS stores.

For more information visit champion-cleaners.com

The Cobbler


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Known for their traditional craftsmanship and expertise, The Cobbler started in 2008 with the aim of repairing quality items such as sneakers, bags, suede shoes and more. All items are picked and delivered to your doorstep in Dubai with utmost care and expert restoration services provided. The Cobbler is the go-to place in Dubai for breathing new life into leather goods.

For more information visit cobbler.ae



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Whether complex or simple repairs, if you’re in need of a special treatment for your leather goods, this premium show and bag repair service will have the perfect formula to bring your favourite shoes and bags as they work their magic. Be it shoes repair, bag repair, sneakers repair or sandals repair, everything is provided under one roof with the finest leather care products since 1920. Located in DIFC, Harvey Nichols at Mall of The Emirates and Bloomingdale’s at Dubai Mall, customers can choose to visit any branch as per their requirements.

For more information visit fabram.com

Shoe Clinic


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They offer services such as shoe cleaning, sole repair, heel replacement, shoe stretching, stitching, and general shoe maintenance. Some shoe clinics may also provide services like dyeing, polishing, or waterproofing shoes. Located in DIFC, all pickup and delivery is complimentary and takes place from your doorstep.

The Shoe Butler


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This company is the one-stop-shop for shoe repair, fixing, polishing, colour retouching and cleaning boots. Born in early 2010, The Shoe Butler introduced a modern Shoe Repair section with EU grade New Diversified Machinery and a host of Certified Cobblers Prices vary per item according to the requirement of the customer and current state of the shoe and bag. For bag cleaning and restoration, prices ranges between Dhs250 and 750. All pick-ups and drop-offs are managed from your doorstep.

For more information visit theshoebutler.com

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