On The Summer Escape, six tastemakers share their summer plans – from the South of France to Ibiza and Capri.

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JOEY GHAZAL – Restaurateur

Summer Escape: Ibiza, Spain

“This summer we’re opening The Maine Ibiza, taking over a carefully restored 18th-century finca by the small church of Sant Francesc de S’Estany, located by the picturesque salt flats of Salinas, a UNESCO world heritage site, en route to the famous Es Cubells and Platja des Cavallet, and moments from the legendary DC-10 nightclub.

I have been coming to Ibiza since 2000 so I have definitely seen the island change over the years and I myself have also evolved in my tastes of music, nightlife and experiences. In my 20s I was only concerned with partying and now I am more content with a long lunch at Jondal or a drive up to an agro tourismo to have some farm-to-table fare. I am especially looking forward to hosting friends from all over the world at the new restaurant, which is sure to be a hot spot.”

MOHAMMED AQRA – Chief Strategy Officer, Arab Fashion Council

Summer Escape: Mauritius, East Africa

“Going to Lux Grand Gaube in Mauritius is going to be a fantastic experience. I planned the Northern Lagoon Boating Adventure in my itinerary to explore the hidden gems of the sea life of this paradise island in the middle of the Indian Ocean between South Africa and Australia. I also heard that INTI Mauritius is to die for, for its Peruvian culinary experience, so it’s pre-booked in my itinerary for an evening dinner treat.

There is a unique experience called the Hug Me Honey, where you visit the bee hives and try all locally made honey from the resort! And to top it off, late dinner with a honey-based cuisine at Le Tastevin. Chic, and excited about this one!”

SHAWN STEPHENS – Founder of Stephen PR

Summer Escape: Capri, Italy

“Capri is where I plan to head this summer for its breathtaking natural vistas, immaculately manicured gardens, and spectacular secluded hiking trails – with enough upmarket shopping and dining opportunities across the island. Its extraordinary beauty is best appreciated from sea level and I cannot wait for a sailing adventure.”

RAMI AL ALI – Fashion Designer

Summer Escape: South of France

“When selecting destinations, I prioritize stunning landscapes, nature, and delightful weather, and Biot in South France is a perfect summer destination. As a nature enthusiast, I gravitate towards small towns and the countryside, finding solace in their serene charm. Rather than hotels, I prefer renting properties and immersing myself in the local ambiance. Exploring farmers’ markets, cooking with local ingredients, and uncovering hidden restaurants are my foodie passions. Travel is about connecting with beautiful surroundings and indulging in authentic experiences.”


Summer Escape: Turkey

“I’ll be going to Turkey this summer which is exciting and different for me. I’ve only been there once previously so I’m looking forward to exploring the country and culture – its diversity and authenticity.”

JUSTIN JOSEPH – Co-Founder of Project Chaiwala

Summer Escape: Thailand

“I’ll be travelling to Thailand for a fitness holiday to train for Muay Thai, jiujitsu and relax by the beach.”

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