Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift

From emoji conversations to sworn enemies, how can you tell that your mate is really your bestie? 

We’ve all got that one friend. Someone who you feel so close to it’s like you are twins. You laugh at the same things, you hate the same people and you understand each other better than anyone.

Here, we have put together six easy signs to tell if your friend is the Karlie Kloss to your Taylor Swift – basically, if you relate to three or more of the below then you are certified BFFs

1. Her camera roll is filled with pictures she’d know you’d find funny

Whether you’re laughing at an ex’s Instagram photo or a friend’s soppy status, she’ll screenshot a photo and send it to your group message for endless laughs and mockery.

2. She’s ‘likes,’ shares your statues and pictures as soon as they go up

She’s at the top of all notification lists on every form of social media. She’s your biggest supporter of selfies and those all-important ‘tag-ins.’

Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie

Best Friends Forever: Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie

3. You have your own conversations via Emoji’s

Like BFF Morse Code you know what she’s saying via her moon face and dancing senorita emojis, making it almost impossible for anyone but you to decipher.


4. If you hate her, she hates her

She’s your sworn enemy since pre-school and for no reason she hates her too, always having your back with an imaginary ‘Burn Book’ to add all the annoying habits to.

5. She’s the only person who’s seen you in every mood, emotion and state

She’s seen you on the toilet, being sick, in love and when you’ve been dumped. She’s seen things you really wished she hadn’t seen.

 6. When a song comes on in a club you have your own dance routine, usually Single Ladies

There’s a nod and you’re off. That glimpse that says it’s OK to channel your inner Beyoncé and not be ashamed. You’ve perfected it in the kitchen, now it’s time to show them what you’ve got.