While Eid celebrations are likely to be very different this year for the majority, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a celebration.

Why not set up a Zoom call with your extended family and friends, with all of you virtually around the table? Or take it as an opportunity to spend some quality time with the people who already live under the same roof as you, with a good dinner spread.

Whatever your plans, you’re going to want to make the best of the situation, so make sure your table design is top-knotch. It doesn’t have to break the bank either or a huge under taking either.



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Celebrity UK event planner Fiona Leahy shares with EW six tips from on how to jazz up your table.

Name cards

Even if you’re isolating, make place cards for your family or housemates. It not only adds a visual touch, it makes people feel welcome.


According to Leahy, a candlelit table is a must. “The warm glow of candlelight is not only cosy it’s flattering too,” she says. She advises to go “high and low” with your candle choices to give dimensions to your table – tapers for height, and tea lights for a lower glow.


Flowers are essential, even it’s a single stem in a vase, it adds texture and volume to a table.


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“You can’t beat nature,” says Leahy. To compliment your flowers, add greenery to the table. It’ll elevate it, without doing any work.

Placemats and napkins

“Go to uplifting pieces like placemats and napkins that will elevate your table setting,” Fiona explains. “The main thing is to have fun and use all your best pieces don’t save them.”


Leahy is all about fun, patterned tablescapes and she encourages everyone alike to use prints whether its through linens, tablecloths or napkins. “Print is one of the best most interchangeable ways to amp up a tablescape,” she says.

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