Have you ever wondered how Hollywood stars get their glow? All you need to achieve A-list radiance is the right fake tan products and a little know-how. Our five simple steps will put you on the fast track to achieving a red carpet-worthy glow.


The key to achieving a flawless Hollywood glow is preparation, so hop in the shower, shave your legs and using the Tantastic Bath & Body Exfoliating Mitts (Dhs14) exfoliate your skin, smoothing away dead skin cells and ensuring your tan lasts longer.


Tantastic Bath & Body Exfoliating Mitts Dhs14



Every perfect tan starts with a base coat. For foolproof colour, invest in a high-quality reusable mitt and you’ll never have to worry about telltale tidemarks. Tantastic Applicator Mitt (Dhs18) has a smooth surface, enabling you to glide on your new colour easily for a streak-free finish, and it contains a barrier to keep your hands stain free.

Tantastic Applicator Mitt Dhs18

Tantastic Applicator Mitt Dhs18

Ew May 2013. Tan



Get goddess-like pins by applying a darker hue to your legs with he-shi Dark Foaming Mousse (Dhs162). Applying a streak of shimmery highlighter down your calf bone will also make your legs appear longer. If you want an instant, commitment-free colour boost, he-shi One Day Tan (Dhs87) dries in just two minutes and can be easily washed off.

he-shi Dark Foaming Mousse Dhs162

he-shi Dark Foaming Mousse Dhs162

he-shi One Day Tan Dhs87

he-shi One Day Tan Dhs87


Choose a long lasting product like he-shi Express Liquid Tan (Dhs126) to ensure complete poolside confidence, or a bronzer that’s resistant to water splashes like Tantastic Instant Tan Bronzer (Dhs69).

he-shi Express Liquid Tan (Dhs126)

he-shi Express Liquid Tan Dhs126

Tantastic Instant Tan Bronzer (Dhs69)

Tantastic Instant Tan Bronzer Dhs69


The key to prolonging your new A-list look is not letting your skin dry out. You need a tried and tested performer here, making he-shi Souffle Moisturiser (Dhs75), the perfect choice to make your glow go further. For best results, use this light, uplifting and revitalising moisturiser immediately after the first shower following your tan application.

he-shi Souffle Moisturiser Dhs75

he-shi Souffle Moisturiser Dhs75


he-shi products are available at Toni&Guy salons across the UAE.

Tantastic products are available at Spinneys, Waitrose, Géant and Le Marché.