Are you shaping your brows correctly? Here, brow guru Chloe Walsh, reveals the five steps every woman needs to know for getting the perfect brows, as well as revealing the top brow treatments in Dubai. 

Unless you’re a brow expert, the chances are you’re plucking your brows too little or too much. Perfectly groomed eyebrows balance your features and frame your eyes, follow our expert tips and top treatments to getting the perfect arch.


Get your brows measured and shaped by a professional brow expert so that you understand what suits your face shape, if you don’t have time, the best way to measure your brow points is to take a piece of thread, line the thread up to the inner point of your nose and the inner point of your eye, make a mark with your brow pencil. This is where your eyebrow should start. Next, hold the thread at the corner of your nose and follow the thread through the middle of your iris, make a mark here, this is where your arch should be, finally line up the outer corner of your nose to the outer corner of your eye. This should mark where the brow ideally finishes. If you follow these points when filling in the brows this will give you the ideal shape for your face.


Remember eyebrows are sisters not twins, no two eyebrows are ever identical so don’t beat yourself up if one is slightly more round and one is more straight. This is very natural and we would look silly if both were exactly the same!


Don’t over pluck your brows at home, hide your tweezers! I’ve had so many clients come in and see me with over plucked brows, you only need to take the minimal hairs away which aren’t within your brow shape.


I love the bespoke treatment called Hi Brows which is available at Sisters Beauty Lounge, with this we measure your brows to get the perfect shape, we choose a colour correct for your skin type and hair shade, we then precision wax to get a crisp line, followed by thread, tweeze, trim and filling in with bespoke hi brow pallet to cover any gaps. If you want something longer lasting or your brow hair just doesn’t grow any more, then I would recommend getting the cosmetic make-up (semi permanent make up) this is very natural and can actually mimic tiny little hair strokes to blend with your natural hair, it also lasts up to 18 months, both treatments are available at Sisters. Other top salons and brow bar’s I recommend are Tips & Toes, Benefit Brow at Sephora, Dubai Mall, Anastasia Beverley Hills Dubai, Downtown, and Belle Femme.


For getting the perfect brows at home I recommend the following steps and products (scroll through the gallery to see Chloe’s stop products and tips):