Women around the world are always looking for ways to halt the ageing process, and this can be done in a variety of ways, including make-up, a good skincare regime, and with your hairstyle…

Your hairstyle is something that is often overlooked but yet is such a simple step for taking years off your look, says hairstylist to the stars Asgar Saboo.  Here he reveals five simple hairstyles to make you look younger.

1.     Update your up-do

sienna miller

A classy chignon is favoured by many actresses on the red carpet, but many don’t realise that this style can look dated and harsh instead of young and fresh, especially if the hair is scraped back too harshly. If you want something more youthful, go for a looser style and add braids, as seen on Drew Barrymore and Sienna Miller. They look modern and as part of an up-do, will look stylish and sophisticated. Start at the front of your hair and loosely braid the hair, then loosely tie your locks on top of your head and pull out some hairs for something more put together, then secure with a glossing mist. This is guaranteed to knock 10 years off your look.

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2.     Add youth with a centre parting

cameron diaz

Brushing the hair back with no parting can look very stuffy – it can remind you of the dated 1980s or 1990s style and will make you look older than your years. Refresh your look with a centre parting, as seen on Amy Adams, Cameron Diaz and Elizabeth Banks. This looks modern and is a simple step which takes less than a minute – try it and see how youthful you’ll look! If you’re not sure then try a side parting, which can feel more comfortable and will still look fresh.

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3.     Lighten your locks

Eddie Remayne is shocked to win the Best Actor Oscar, which was presented to him by Cate Blanchett

Certainly, dark hair can look beautiful and attractive, but a single tone of colour can look flat and make your hair look dull and aged. Instead, try a lighter shade of your regular tone, or add some natural highlights at the front and crown, as seen on Cate Blanchett, Reese Witherspoon and Mena Suvari. This will brighten up your complexion, add shine to your hair and help you on your way to looking younger.

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4.     Use texture to make your locks playful and fresh

jennifer aniston


Although a straight, high maintenance look can be glamourous, having hair which looks too perfectly styled can look dated and make you look much older than your years. Dare to try something different with a messier texture, as seen on style icons including Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore, which will bring youth and playfulness to your looks. Try a mousse before roughly blow-drying your locks, or simply use a salt spray at the ends of the hair when it’s dry to add a sexy, tousled look which looks young and modern.


5.     Protect against sun damage

We’re all aware of how damaging the sun is to our skin, but did you know that its harmful UV rays can penetrate your hair and make it age faster? Overlooking this can cause serious breakage, so make sure you wear a hat in the sun to protect. I also recommend a protection spray, which should be used before hitting the beach, and make sure you indulge with plenty of conditioning treatments while you’re away to minimise any damage.


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