Sharjah may be notoriously popular about it’s traffic but there are many wonderful reasons why you should visit the incredible emirate this weekend.

Nestled in the heart of Sharjah is the new tourist and leisure destination Al Noor Island. Just over a month since it’s opening in December, the landmark attraction has already welcomed more than 28,000 visitors. The beautiful location caters to nature and art lovers and presents a cultural image of Sharjah as you’ve never seen before.

Here are Top 5 reasons why Al Noor Island is worth your visit.


Al Noor Island’s design and facilities have all been inspired by nature and so the concept is about creating a peaceful and calm haven for visitors. After a fast-paced week at work, a stroll through its gardens will ease away your worries. Stress? What stress?

Al Noor island



It plays host to eight unique sculptures by some of the world’s most famous artists including the egg-shaped OVO art installation that has been displayed in leading cities around the world. It combines three elements – wood, LED lighting and water vapour. The visitors are able to move through a light-reflective water pool to reach the two entrances of the sculpture. The 45,470 sqm Island also features LEDs and other light installations and paintings that bring the island to life at night.

al noor island


There is a huge forest-themed children’s play area and a maze garden that is home to 72,000 plants and trees. The fresh air and environmental interaction is no doubt good for children and adults alike. There is a jogging and jumping path for fitness enthusiasts to enjoy.

al noor island


There is a Literature pavilion in an open seating area where writers and bookworms could seek solace. Surrounded  by stunning light reflections of letters from Arabic calligraphy with mesmerising colours, the pavilion is also decorated with plush cushions. It encourages visitors to explore and experience natural life.

Al Noor Island


The primary attraction of Al Noor island is The Butterfly House. Home to more than 500 butterflies in various species, the nature-inspired structure has an ornamentally perforated shadow roof, biomorphic exterior and plant-covered walls. The space also houses a modern Noor Café providing organic food and drinks.


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