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SPONSORED: Iraqi born, British-raised and American-educated Asil Attar is a modern-day inspiration. As the first female CEO of Damas Jewellery, she oversees some of the most dazzling brands and below shares her top picks for Diwali.

CEO of Damas Jewellery, Asil Attar

Do you have any exquisite styles especially designed for the festive season?

To stand out this Diwali, we have two collections which will really help you make a statement. Firstly, we have the ‘Maharani’ collection which is made up of beautiful handcrafted, traditional antique gold chokers and long statement necklace sets which include matching bangles and earrings. Another beautiful collection, with bold statement pieces, is the ‘Sampathy’ collection which focuses on stunning temple designs and is perfect for the Diwali season.

For more fashionable and trend-lead collections we have the new ‘Anmol’ collection designed by an extremely talented Turkish designer, which is made up of smaller pieces perfect for complimenting your daily outfits. We also have our Manthura collection, focusing on intricate craftsmanship to create beautiful ‘Bahraini’ designs which, again, are very trend focused and are perfect for adding an elegant touch for the festive season. Alongside these, we have two new collections called ‘Symphany’ and ‘Hybrid’ which are both made up of unique, easy-wear pieces perfect for styling your outfits for the daily celebrations.

In the spirit of Diwali, we have two collections which will add colour to the festive celebrations. Firstly, the Rangoli collection uses an array of coloured gemstones incorporated into the beautiful gold designs to add an extra dimension to the pieces. We also have ‘Navratna’, as the name suggests, which is a stunning collection made up of pieces which incorporate the 9 auspicious stones: Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Garnet, Blue Sapphire, Pearl, Topaz and Cat’s Eye.

For the more special celebrations through the festive period, we have diamond sets as part of the beautiful ‘Legacy’ collection and the ‘Ananya’ collection, incorporating KUNDAN POLKI for an elegant and regal feel.

Finally, we have several pieces which focus on traditional designs from South India such as mango mala and coin mala, both of which are light weight and have a unique way of making a statement.

CEO of Damas Jewellery, Asil Attar

What jewellery designs are the preferred choice for consumers this festive season?

For the festive season, the focus is on beautiful JHUMKAS earrings, multi-layered necklaces and traditional statement pieces. At Damas, we have stunning, show-stopper chokers in both, antique gold and gold, which are essential picks for the season. All light-weight collections and smaller pieces, perfect for gifting, do exceptionally well during a festival season like Diwali.

What is the main sales challenge during the festive season?

One challenge, which the industry as a whole is facing, is the rise in the gold prices but we won’t let that stop us from having a successful festive season.

This Diwali season specifically is a very competitive time. The market is flooded with endless promotions, gifting, prizes and a vast variety of collections which can be seen as a challenge. However, at Damas Jewellery we are confident in the amazing promotions and bonus gifts we are proudly offering our customers this Diwali and are sure to see amazing results.

Are your products available online?

We are looking to launch our website at the end of the year, whilst we are not going to sell online, we are definitely going to drive an omnichannel approach, using it as a tool to drive footfall to our stores. We are a gifting destination and our purchases are emotional therefore experiencing our products in store is still a key driver.

What plans are in the pipeline for 2020?

We continue to look at opportunities through driving exclusive new product launches, focusing on being a customer centric, product focused business. We will continue to renovate and invest in our I store experience and international expansion.

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