The warm, woody scent of oud holds a significant place in the Middle East — often described as the divine scent to connect with God. What better time than Eid al-Fitr to wear it as a part of the holy celebrations?

The aromatic ingredient is first extracted from the  agar tree — it is a dark, oily, scented substance, which is later transformed into the perfume as we know it. The liquid gold has been a part of the Islamic culture since it’s inception — homes are still engulfed with its sweet burning smoke during important days and individuals wear the precious fragrance for meaningful occasions.

This Eid, layer your opulent looks with the perfect oud-based perfumes. Looking to indulge in one? We’ve curated a list of 5 best perfumes for you to pick from. Combined with notes that will further enhance your olfactory senses — these perfumes will give you a hint of nostalgia, bottled with all things luxury.

Emirates Woman picks top 5 perfumes for your to try


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