Dubai’s a big city. It’s hard to walk around it, especially in the heat of summer, and a car is almost a necessity (unless you’re willing to fork out on taxis).

If you’ve got a car, then you’ll understand the connection that develops between owner and vehicle in this sweltering city.

A modern woman needs a modern car, so we thought we’d throw together a few of our favourite gizmos and apps to help make your motor just that little bit more practical.

So with no further ago, here are five car gadgets that every woman needs to have:

Car Finder App

If you’re always forgetting where you parked, fret not. Just tag the exact location you left the car in, and then walk back to your parking spot with the help of augmented reality. You don’t even need an internet connection.

car gadgets girls

Click here to download. 

Sunvisor storage

This is a flip-down, multi-pocketed leather storage compartment (Dhs39) for all those cards and whatnots that are making your purse look fat. Never forget your driver’s licence again – not that you get pulled over a lot or anything.

car gadgets girls

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Safety Girl Kit

An emergency kit (in all senses of the word), equipped with all you’ll ever need to tackle whatever situation you happen to find yourself in. Inside you’ll find everything from bandages to bottled water, deodorant to chewing gum, painkillers, a nail file and everything in between. There’s even a chocolate bar.

car gadgets girls


Dhs92, click here to buy. 

Universal charger

car gadgets girls

It plugs straight into your car’s cigarette lighter, and provides enough power for two three-pronged plugs and a USB charger. And it looks like a coffee cup. Not that weird-looking USB charger you’ve got already.


Dh105, click here to buy. 

USB-powered mini hair straighteners

car gadgets girls

For those humid moments when you find yourself in a frizz. These mini hair straighteners (Dhs220) plug straight into a USB charger – and take only five seconds to heat up to 185ºc.

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