The holy month of Ramadan is about to end and the preparations for Eid al-Fitr are in full swing. While finding the perfect outfit and accessories for Eid are important, no Instagram post is complete without that aesthetic henna shot.

In recent years, traditional henna has been revamped and have been given a more contemporary feel. Instaead of opting for detailed designs that can take hours to carve on the palms, women are now moving towards patterns that are minimalistic yet statement-making.

The traditional art of applying henna is an integral part of the Middle Eastern culture. Practiced during celebratory occasions like weddings and festivals — the process involves creating designs out of a natural dye made with crushed leaves from the henna tree, the stain of which lasts about two week.

Those looking for a modern interpretaton and an even more temporary variation can also opt for white henna. It is basically white adhesive pain that can appear similar but in a different colour.

From dainty moons and stars to abstract designs that are far away from the pasileys — finding the perfect henna design is no small feat. To make your to-do list a little shorter, we’ve collated a number of designs that you can save for application before Eid.

Arabic caligraphy


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Miniature moons and stars

Heart(s) on sleeves

Less is more


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Negative spacing


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