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Getting married in the coming weeks? Have you got everything in hand? Here are some top tips from the Head Wedding Planner at Burnham Beeches Hotel in Buckinghamshire, to ensure you add the perfect finishing touches to your Big Day.

Follow these top five last minute tips for planning your summer wedding and we promise it will be the most cherished day.

Weather proof

Parasol, US$17,

Parasol, US$17,

Invest in some pretty vintage parasols for your bridal party. As well as making great props for photos, if the sun shines they will prevent against sweaty fringes and sunburnt noses in your photos, and if it rains…well you won’t get as wet.

Dance proof

Pink Aranella Embellished Pumps, Dhs249 , Nine West @

Pink Aranella Embellished Pumps, Dhs249 , Nine West @

If you’re planning on wearing shoes that will only be comfy for the two minutes you totter gracefully down the aisle, make sure to bring some ‘back up shoes’ for dancing the night away. Odds are most of your female guests will have made the same mistake, so stockpiling a few spare pairs will have all your gal pals thanking you later.


Bug proof

Candle Holder, Dhs385,

Candle Holder, Dhs385,

For an August wedding, having a swarm of hungry flies attack your guests as they attempt to enjoy an astonishing amount of Pimms is not ideal. Banish the pesky critters with some careful placement of pest control candles, which to your guests, will just look like pretty candles. If insects aren’t a problem we recommend candles all the same – they make great centre pieces.


Photo proof

Chloe sunglasses Dhs1,690

If it does get too bright, don some designer shades like these Chloe sunglasses Dhs1,690

You only get one chance to get the perfect pictures from your wedding day, so be prepared. Visit the venue in advance and plan where you want your pictures taken. Don’t take your wedding pictures at noon or too close to noon – the sun will be directly overhead and will cause unflattering shadows. With that in mind, always aim to take your pictures in the morning or later in the afternoon/evening.


Disaster proof

wedding planning, fairygodmother

Not everyone can have their own Fairy godmother but Élan Middle East can help with wedding planning

Above all, make sure you have someone who is dedicated to making sure your big day runs without a hiccup, so that you can relax and enjoy the whole experience. A dedicated wedding co-ordinator can help with in planning everything in the run up to the big day, as well as being on hand as an event manager at the wedding itself.


Main image: Tommy Hilfiger