Looking to cool down after an intense workout session?

Here are five of the best ice bath spots to visit in Dubai to calm your muscles and to ensure you’re ready for the next HITT or spin class.

Embody Fitness


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Embody Fitness offers state-of-the art recovery suites, Olympic standard gym equipment, sport therapy treatment rooms, luxury changing rooms and a healthy café. For expert sports therapy, customers can utilise the modern recovery suite including infrared saunas, ice baths and sports therapy treatment rooms to improve their performance to the next level. Located in ICD Brookfield, the session is priced at Dhs130 for 60 minutes and Dhs1,200 for unlimited sessions per month.


Guests can experience an immersive ice bath to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, aid muscle recovery and strengthen mental resilience, making it the perfect modality to complement the sauna experience. As a sanctuary for recovery, visitors can soothe, switch off, rest and recharge. With both hot and cold therapy, guests have the choice to promote relaxation and detoxification. Located at Golden Mile 6, Palm Jumeirah, the Ice Bath is priced at Dhs95 per 30-minute session.

ReFIVE Spa, FIVE Palm Jumeirah

Ice Bath FIVE

Plunge into the icy cool waters at the Ice Bath at ReFIVE Spa, FIVE Palm Jumeirah. After quickly becoming one of the top wellness treatments, this cold-water immersion action has an array of epic benefits including faster muscle recovery, improved sleep patterns, stress reduction and even boosting immunity. Expect reduced stress and anxiety levels, an increased metabolic rate to aid with weight loss and cellulite, plus the ultimate sports recovery for those post-workout muscle aches. Post-treatment, you can expect a deeply relaxed state for improved sleep. At ReFIVE Spa, the Ice Therapy treatment represents the epitome of this fusion, providing you with an opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery, revitalization, and transformation. Rediscover yourself at ReFIVE Spa, where the power of Ice Therapy meets the art of well-being. Immerse yourself in a world of renewal and embrace the cold as your ally on the path to a healthier, happier you. Each session is priced at Dhs125 per person.


Guests can opt for this regimented training technique to regulate the nervous system and train the vagus nerve which is linked to the parasympathetic nervous system. Beneficial to anyone, ice baths are recommended to be between 10 to 15 degrees Celsius. This experience is designed to improve mood, completemental clarity, reduce inflammation,
muscle soreness and conquer fear. Located in Dubai Studio City, the sessions are priced at Dhs100 for Boxica members and Dhs150 for non-members.



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Longevity offers a variety of wellness treatments focused on athletic recovery and performance, including infrared saunas, sports massages, yoga, stretching, and mobility treatments, in addition to ice baths. Founder Dani Afiouni is a passionate mountaineer with extensive experience in endurance sports and brought his expertise to Dubai to allow athletes and health enthusiasts to use cold water immersion to unlock their bodies’ recovery potential. Located at Umm Suqeim, Warehouse #S6, the cold dip is priced at Dhs115 per session.

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